About Us

A Short History of the Pocatello Branch

The Pocatello Branch of AAUW is the oldest in the Idaho State Division.  Begun April 30, 1919 as the Association of Collegiate Alumnae, it was fondly called the Pocatello College Club.  Social interaction for graduate women included silver teas, bridge playing, and cultural entertainment.  In 1924 the Branch became affiliated with the American Association of University Women.

In 1925, Pocatello AAUW began giving scholarships to young women, so they could attend college. The Branch has also given to AAUW Fellowships since 1930.  This money helps women obtain graduate degrees and funds research projects on a national level.  AAUW has always been dedicated to helping women obtain higher education.

Life-long learning has also been an integral part of the Pocatello Branch.  Members have continually studied local, state, and national issues that affect their lives.  Many local projects have been developed from these studies.

AAUW has had a lasting effect in the community.  During World War II AAUW members rolled bandages, helped  the Red Cross, and tutored African-American soldiers, so they could obtain 8th grade diplomas.  In the 1950s, AAUW started kindergartens, which paved the way for public school kindergartens.  In 1965, Adult Evening High School was run by AAUW and later became Adult Education.  In 1976, the Branch worked for day care licensing and ran a summer enrichment program for elementary age children (Kid’s In Discovery).  Each decade has brought new challenges, and the members of AAUW have studied the issues and acted when they could make a difference in the community.  We are proud of the impact AAUW has made in Pocatello since 1919.

We hope you’ll check out our branch and national activities; when you do we know you’ll decide that it’s an organization worthy of your membership. If you would like to be contacted by a member, please e-mail us at PocatelloAAUW@hotmail.com and leave your name and contact information.  Otherwise, please plan to attend one of our events, where we will welcome you and provide membership information. The Join page on this site provides information about membership options and dues.